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A Motor Insurance is All You Need: Compare Motor Insurance Plan

A Motor Insurance Plans is all you Need

motor insurance

Our motor is one of the prizes possession which is very much dear to us. We decide on a vehicle after much thought and discussion we buy the best motor that suits our requirements and budget. Anything happening to our motor could be a great source of stress and given the costs that the damages, repair etc bring with them is again a burden on the owner of the vehicle.

Thus to save yourself from a lot of stress, financially also, a motor insurance is a must have. It has been made mandatory by the motor act that any vehicle plying on the Indian roads must have the third person liability cover which puts you very much on the legal grounds.

Due to this compulsion, there are several companies that offering various motor insurance plans with many riders, benefits etc that will give you the peace of owning and operating a vehicle along with the financial help that you might need in case of accidents etc.

There are different types of motor insurance plans available depending on the kind of vehicle that you possess such as the two wheeler insurance, private car insurance, four wheeler insurance, commercial vehicle insurance etc.

you can choose from the two covers available which are comprehensive cover or the third party liability only cover. A comprehensive cover gives you financial security in case of damages caused by personal accidents, accidents caused by man made or other natural calamities etc along with the much needed third party liability. While third party liability cover gives you only that without the additional benefits that the comprehensive cover offers.

Among so many motor insurance plans one has to choose the best insurance that suits one’s requirements.

Engine Coverage Rider

If your vehicle’s engine is damaged due to water stalling, leakage of oil, etc., your insurance company covers the engine repair if you choose this rider.

Covers Damage Costs

A motor insurance provides cover against the costs that arise due to a third party liability. You can also get Own Damage (OD) cover under a comprehensive motor insurance cover.

Medical Expenses Rider

In the case of medical emergencies, this rider pays for the ambulance charges and medical expenses that are incurred after the accident.
With all these things coming as the additional riders, investing in any of the motor insurance plans is a good choice.

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