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Best Accidental Health Insurance In India : Compare Now

Best Accidental Health Insurance In India


Accidents are those unpredictable and unwanted event in our lives which can create a lot of damage of our stability, health and finances. Not only can accidents lead to severe injury, they might also result in permanent disability, dismemberment, loss of a limb or even untimely death.

Thus an accidental health insurance is a must because it is also estimated that every sixth car crash happens in India and data also suggests that the number of accidents have increased in the last few years. Anyway, accidents major or minor, are always a thing to worry about and can cause a great havoc to your finances.

Features of an accidental health insurance policy:

An accidental health insurance takes care of a lot of things that disturb your budget, thus an accidental health insurance policy covers you in case of

  • Accidental death

    Certain severe accidents might result in the death of the person whose carelessness caused it and also of the other person involved. In case any accident results in the death of the person insured, during the policy period, the entire amount is paid to the nominee of the person.

  • Disability caused due to an accident ( wholly or partially)

    In case of permanent and partial disablement of the policy holder, up to 100% amount is paid as the reimbursement, during the policy period.

  • Temporary disablement

    If the policy holder cannot work temporarily due to a temporary impairment caused by any accident and is confined to bed, a weekly payment which is subject to the maximum limit of the policy can be given to the policy holder till he gets well.

What all does the accidental health insurance gives you?

  • Hospital cash
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Adaptation allowances
  • Family transportation allowances
  • Education advantage
  • Loan protector

with all these benefits that you get with accidental health insurance, you should not make a delay in buying it. Get the peace that you are not alone in case of any accidental emergency and do not compromise on your peace of mind.

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