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Choose the one that suits you best -

Choose the one that suits you best


One thing that should never be taken lightly is our health. In a country like India, where there are more chances of contracting a disease or an ailment that bears heavily on the finances, is extremely easy. With the kind of lifestyle that every one of us leads, there is hardly a time that we get to actually relax and pay attention to our health and with the various deadlines that we need to follow, it becomes really an important thing to have the best medical health insurance policy.

Best medical health insurance policy pays for treatment in case you fall ill or the expense reimbursement and does not let any medical emergency turn into a financial emergency. Also, because we are so busy dealing with various things in our lives that we are often caught unprepared by an medical emergency which brings a havoc to our peace and finances.

The advantages that you get when you buy the buy the best medical health insurance policy:

  • Cashless treatment: best health insurance policy in India offers you cashless treatment in all the network hospital s covered under your policy.
  • Hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization: your policy covers all the expenses of hospitalization such as medical bills, cost of the medicines, room rent, expenses of tests etc.
  • No claim bonus: No claim bonus or NCB refers to the amount that you will receive from insurer for every claim less year. It motivates a lot of policyholders to not file any petty medical claims. You should keep in mind that NCB comes as a discount on the payable premium at the time of renewing policy or whenever you want to increase the sum assured amount. At the time of renewal you must check that you are getting your no claim bonus or not.
  • Free Health Check-up: You can avail the benefit of free health check-up under your health. It includes a comprehensive health check-up for members covered under the plan. Some insurers offer health check-ups on renewal, and some provide this benefit of free health check-up upon claim-free years.
  • Day Care Procedures: Some medical surgeries require hospitalization for less than 24 hours. Several insurers also pay for such events where you are not hospitalized for 24 hours rather admitted for few hour basis the treatment or surgery.

However the policy that seems best with the facilities that it gives you, may not be best when it comes to the insurance premium. Thus it is important for you to decide on any plan by considering both these things- the premium and the advantages. Both these things should be thoroughly thought upon according to your needs before you invest in best medical health insurance policy.

Compare various policies before you finally invest in one and lead a secured ;life with best medical health insurance policy.

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