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Health Insurance


Health insurance premium plan covers the costs that may arise due to any unforeseen hospitalisation/ medical procedures. Health insurance covers the medical expenses for illnesses, injuries and other medical conditions.In general, a health insurance plan offers a financial guard against financial drainage on several diseases.

Health insurance premium plan, you don’t need to worry about the treatment expenses. Keeping in mind the rising medical costs and spurt of diseases buying a health insurance is mandatory. A medical emergency can knock anyone’s door and impact a person both emotionally and financially. As a result, financial advisers suggest that it is prudent to

Buy health insurance plan and health care policy early in life.


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Best Health Insurance Policy in India


About health insurance

Best medical Health Insurance plan or Mediclaim is a kind of insurance which wraps the expenses incurred on medical hospitalisation and treatment given by the doctors. It works as a cover for the policyholder against any money related constraints coming out from the medical emergencies. When it comes to unexpected hospitalisation, illness or even accident, health insurance rightly takes care of the expenditures on medicines, blood, oxygen, ambulance, hospital room, different tests and about all compulsory costs required to pay. By settling down a small premium on a yearly basis, one can make sure that any big medicinal expenditure, if incurred, will not create a hole in your bank account. The plan can be taken for a person, family or even group..


Top Benefits offered with Best Health Insurance Policy in India


Cashless facility

Every health insurance company normally ties up with lots of reputed and recognised hospitals in order to give completely cashless health insurance services. If you got admitted to any of the network hospitals, there is no need to pay the expenditures from your pocket. The selected insurance company will reimburse the entire costs to you later.

Pre-hospitalisation expenditures

If you have expected treatment costs for the illness for which you afterwards get admitted to a hospital, the company will take care of the whole cost as well. Normally, the payout is for costs deserve between 30 to 60 days ahead of hospitalisation.

Hospitalisation Expenditures

Costs settle down if a policy holder is getting admitted to the hospital for 1 day or more and all costs will be settled by the health insurance plan.

Post-Hospitalisation Expenditures

If a person is discharged from the hospital, he or she will require handling the cost during the period of recovery. The majority of the medical policies will cover the expenditures follow up 60 to 90 days after hospitalisation.

Ambulance Charges

In the majority of cases, the ambulance charges are calculated by the policy and the policyholder generally doesn’t have to tolerate the load of the same.

Advantages for TAX

The Health Insurance Premium Plan Health Insurance Premium Plan is counted for Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The tax benefit of the Income is offered to the buyer for the premium amount until a most of Rs. 15,000 for normal and Rs. 20,000 for senior citizen correspondingly.

Cover for regular Diseases

Health insurance policies offer the services of covering past diseases after 3 or 4 years of endlessly renewing the plan, i.e. if somebody has diabetes, then after the conclusion of 3 or 4 years of nonstop regeneration with the similar insurer, some hospitalisation due to diabetes will also be enclosed.

No-Claim Bonus

If there has been no declaring in the past year, an advantage is passed on to the policyholder, either by decreasing the best or by boosting the sum confirmed by a confident percentage of the working premium.

Check-Up of Health

Many of the health insurance policies have an ability of free health check-up for the well being of the person if there is no way made for a definite number of years.

Expenditure of the Organ Donor

The medical expenses taken in harvesting the organ for a relocate is remunerated by the policy.

Why go for a Health Insurance Policy Compare with us?


Health expenditures are increasing significantly each day and so are the health threats. With a wide collection of health insurance policies, the job of selecting the best health insurance policy for your requirements can be quite tough and puzzling. We provide you with proportional health insurance quotes to choose the top health insurance policy in a quick and simplified way. One can also evaluate the features of special health insurance policies to make sure the best health insurance policy for your needs. Health Insurance Policy Compare will provide the reasons to choose us over any other insurance company. Here is a list of advantages that will surely lure us into accepting us as your policy partners.

  • With the help of an instant online calculator, you can contrast health insurance premiums simply
  • With the features of the plan, it is better to go for the good Comparison of the Best Health Insurance
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Best medical health insurance policy will give these facilities and we are sure you’ll not hesitate in choosing our best medical health insurance policy.

Cashless facility

One can take benefits from the friendly cashless claim authorisation and find outstanding healthcare services everywhere. What all you need is to inform us 48 hours before planned hospitalisation or just 24 hours in case of emergency in order to take benefits from the cashless claim services at the different network centre’s.

Critical illness plans

These plans promise to give a benefit of the fixed amount if some critical illness needs to be diagnosed. The critical sickness or diseases are covered under list defined on a specific plan. Our critical illness plan is available to wrap up more than 40 illnesses and gives an e-opinion if the diagnosis of a serious sickness as well. The availed amount can be easily used to cover the treatment cost but also work as a supplement of income.

Hospital Cash benefits with us


Benefit plans Hospital Cash/Surgical

Such plans promise to give fixed payouts in case of definite hospitalisation events which may comprise being admitted to the rest home, daily hang about assistance in case of extended stay and also lump sum settled for a fixed type of surgery.

Accident insurance plans

Accident insurance plans give a pre-fixed cash amount on the incidence of death, disablement or even the broken bones happened due to some accident. This plan may also cover medical cost, charges of emergency ambulance and offer an education fund for dependent family members.


The Health line toll-free is a confidential and free healthcare information service offered with all sort of the money borrowed. This service is handled by particularly trained health professionals who provide you the health coaching. One can look ahead with the primary consultation, single referrals, health, nutrition and diet linked information and health-related counselings among others. One can also find the supervision on what to do in case of small illnesses or injuries. One might look ahead to appreciate the conditions one need diagnosed with or find information on the chronic diseases as well.

Well-Organised, fast and transparent customer service

We focus on creating a relationship with the customers that are working beyond the transaction. The company promises to give complete integrity, transparency, and clear communication. The customer service representatives are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of our policies, exclusions, and coverage among others. They are perfectly sported to respond the queries and guide you from the first step of buying a policy online to the course of creating as well as renewing your policy among others.



Key benefits under the Best Health Insurance Plans in India and are covered by most of the Mediclaim Policies:


Hospitalisation Expenses

A health plan covers in-patient hospitalisation costs occur due to an accident, illness, or a medical/surgical procedure. Typically, your health insurer will pay for room rent, nursing, medical practitioner, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, surgical appliances, operation theatre charges, medicines, drugs, consumables, and other devices required during a surgical procedure. This benefit is covered in most of the Indemnity based best medical insurance in India.

Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses

It covers medical expenses that occur due to illness for 30 days before the insured person was hospitalised. The days of pre-hospitalisation included under the plan may vary from one insurer to another.

Post-Hospitalisation Expenses

It covers medical expenses that occur due to illness for 60 days after the insured person was discharged. The days of post-hospitalisation included under the plan may vary from one insurer to another.

Cashless Treatment

Best Health Insurance in India offers Cashless Treatment under its Health Insurance Policy. Most of the insurers offer the facility of cashless treatment provided you are hospitalised in one of the listed network hospitals of your insurance company. In the case of cashless hospitalisation, your insurer will pay your hospital bills. If you go to non-network hospitals, you can claim for reimbursement of medical expenses that are covered under the plan.

Free Health Check-up

You can avail the benefit of free health check-up under your health. It includes a comprehensive health check-up for members covered under the plan. Some insurers offer health check-ups on renewal, and some provide this benefit of free health check-up upon claim-free years.

Day Care Procedures

Some medical surgeries require hospitalisation for less than 24 hours. Several insurers also pay for such events where you are not hospitalised for 24 hours rather admitted for few hour basis the treatment or surgery.

No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a benefit under your health plan if the insured person has a claim-free policy year. The advantage of NCB transfers to the insured is either through an increase in the sum assured or specified discount on the premium charges for the succeeding year. Being a healthy individual, you can enjoy a claim-free year and take benefits of NCB under your health plan.

Hospital Cash Benefit

A hospital cash allowance is payable on a day to day basis. The hospital cash benefit depends on the terms of the policy. A specified minimum stay in the hospital is required to avail this facility..

Emergency Ambulance Benefit

Some insurers cover the ambulance charges for transferring the insured from home to hospital. The coverage amount of ambulance charges depends on the policy terms.

Tax Benefits

The premium amount you pay for your own health policy or your family’s health plan is considered for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961. These benefits are subject to change in tax laws.

Note:The benefits mentioned above may differ from one insurer to another. Read your chosen Health Plan policy wordings carefully for more details..