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what is an health insurance premium plan?


We all know about the various health insurance plans that are available in a country ;like India where the health is one of the most vulnerable and fragile aspect of human life. Health insurance premium Policy is one the plans that assures and insures your health with the help of a fixed monthly or annual premium that pay for a definite amount of time in order to avail the benefits of the plan.


The health insurance premium plan offers you the best deals because you can choose a plan with premium that doesn’t bear very heavily on your monthly or annual budget. For instance there are plans where you only have to pay 500 bucks for each month to avail the benefits of the plan of 5 lac rupees. To know more about health insurance premium plan and compare it with other plans there is a thing called a health insurance premium calculator that lets you compare and calculate the best premium amount for your plan and see if the plan that you have chosen is the best one for you or not.

The benefits of using a health insurance premium calculator:


  • You get to decide on the best policy for yourself and your family
  • Compare various plans all across India
  • Using the premium calculator, choose the best premium for the policy that you choose

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the premium calculator works depending on the several factors and different companies that offer the health insurance premium plans work differently based on their premium deciding factors such as your age, your pre-existing ailments or if you are a cigarette or tobacco smoker.

What are the benefits and facilities that you get in case you buy best health insurance policy in India?


Now, while talking about the health insurance premium plan, one must be really clear about what does the health insurance premium mean. A health insurance premium is the fixed amount of money you need to pay periodically to the insurer in order to get the claim of your insurance policy and also to make sure that your policy is still working.
The insurer is liable to pay for all the kinds of expenses that might occur, including the expenses such as hospitalisation, ambulance charges, room charges etc.

Additional factors that the health insurance premium Policy gets affected by:


  • Expenses related to marketing and services

These expenses are quite high and are recovered from the premiums that you pay. The expenses are included in the designing cost of the insurance policy followed by the additional costs and marketing, commission, brokerage, brochure etc.all the count on the amount of premium you pay.

  • Saving and investments

Each insurance company invests the money that you pay in the public sector because the risks in the public sector are lower as compared the private sector. The premium you pay is always a subject tpo the returns gained from such investments.

  • Mortality rate

It is the amount that a policy company has to pay to the customer in case of any emergency or eventuality. This works mostly in case of people who are older, though you can’t deny any eventuality happening to a person with less age, because the premium of the people with older age is higher and also that the old age brings with it extra vulnerability and hence the older people are more prone to disease and sudden hospitalisation.

Health Insurance Premium Plan


The health insurance premium along with other facilities such as cashless services, hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalisation expenses, day care expenses, ambulance charges and others, this plans gives a benefits of choosing easy premiums and avail the claims easily according your needs and requirements.

The health insurance premium plan gives you.


No-Claim Bonus

If there has been no declaring in the past year, an advantage is passed on to the policyholder, either by decreasing the best or by boosting the sum confirmed by a confident percentage of the working premium.

The premium is the amount you pay annually or monthly to your insurance company in lieu of the total insurance that company pays in at the termination of policy or at the time of need. The health insurance premium plan secures your health very cost effectively without giving you much burden on your pocket.