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Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan -

Senior Citizen Health insurance plan


Your old age is a time when you don’t have that zeal within you that lets you fight any emergency. All you want during old days is that you sit back and relax and usually you live on your savings or the pension. In such a situation any medical emergency can actually lead to financial crisis that you might not be prepared to deal with. Thus it becomes a very important and crucial decision of your life for having invested in a Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan.

Also, according to the regulations of IRDA, every health insurance provider has to provide a cover for the individuals up to 65 years of age. It does a dual benefit to the insured as it provides them financial security so that they don’t have their budget ripped apart along with giving them an option to change the policy provider, in case they are not satisfied with their existing one.

Points to remember while choosing a health insurance policy


  • How efficient is the claim process

    Faster the claim process and higher the claim ratio, you know that the company is doing a great job with candid and authentic claim. Before you buy, do check the claim process and the claim ratio.

  • Day care procedures

    Make sure that the policy that you are buying has the day care procedures because not all medical emergencies require hospitalisation, thanks to the advancement in medical technology.

  • Premium factors

    Because the risk of serious illness and diseases is high at an old age, the amount paid as premium is higher. You may also have to pay extra amount, apart from the premium, for a pre-existing disease.

  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses

    Make sure that the policy covers your pre and post hospitalisation expense along with the hospitalisation expenses. There are certain diseases that take longer to get completely cured of and need regular checkups and follow ups that can be very difficult for the people to follow up. Pre and post hospitalisation are thus important to be taken care of, by your Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan provider.

Benefits of senior citizen health insurance plans


  • Expenses incurred in the hospitalisation of an individual which include room rent, cost of medicines, drugs etc are all taken care of by your policy.
  • Day care costs that arise from special procedures such as chemotherapy, etc are also covered.
  • Medical cost prior and post hospitalisation is also provided, the number of days the vary from policy to policy.
  • Ambulance charges for transportation of the insured to and from the hospital are also covered
  • Existing diseases are also covered, though this is entirely subject to the policy provider

List of various senior citizen plans available in the market


Insurer - Policy NameAgeSum AssuredPre & Post Hospitalisation ExpensesPre-existing DiseasesMedical Check-up
Bajaj Allianz - Silver Health Plans for Senior Citizens46 - 70 years50, 000 - 5 lakhUp to 3% of admissible hospital expenses incurredCovered from the 2nd year of the policyAfter 46 years of age, required as listed below: Complete medical report, ECG, Fasting BSL, Urine R, Liquid profile, HbA1c, SGPT, CBC, SGOT, CBC, Sr. Creatinine
ICICI Lombard - Complete Health Insurance46 and aboveup to 10 lakh30 days and 60 days respectivelyCovered from the 3rd year of the policy (up to 4 years for sum assured 4 lakh; subject to nonstop renewal)Medical tests required for anyone above 46 years of age at particular diagnostic centers
Star Health - Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy60 - 75 years1, 00,000 - 10, 00,000Only post hospital expenses maximum up to Rs. 5,000 excluding nursing charges, diagnostic charges, medicine, and consultation fee.Coverage from the 2nd years of the policyNo pre-acceptance medical test required
National Insurance - VARISHTHA Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens60 - 80 years (renewable up to 90 years of ageMediclaim - 1, 00,000; Critical illness - 2, 00,00030 days and 60 days post respectivelyCovered after 1 claim-free year while policy remains in forceNot required if insured was covered by a health insurance for last 3 years; Required for rest
New India - Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy60 - 80 years (renewable up to 90 years of age1, 00,000 - 1, 50,00030 days pre-hospitalisation (max up to 5% of hospital bill) and 60 days post hospitalisation (max up to 10% of hospital bill)Covered after 18 months of policy inceptionRequired
United India Health - Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy61 - 80 years1, 00,000 - 3, 00,00030 days and 60 days respectively (max up to 10% of hospital bill; whichever is less)Covered after 4 years of nonstop renewal with the companyRequired and reimbursed only 50% and that even after proposal acceptance
Apollo Munich - Optima Senior61 and above2, 00,000 - 5, 00,00030 days pre and 60 days post hospitalisation expensesCovered after 3 years of nonstop renewal with the companyRequired and reimbursed only 50% and that even after proposal acceptance
Oriental Senior Citizen HOPE Health Insurance60 and above1, 00,000 - 5, 00,00030 days and 60 respectivelyCovered after 2 years of nonstop renewal with the companyNeed to submit certain medical tests report issued by particular diagnostic centers
SBI - Arogya Top Up Policy65 and aboveSum of 1, 00,000 - 5, 00,000; 1, 00,000 - 10, 00,000 (with deductibles)60 days pre-hospitalization and 90 days post hospitalization expensesCovered after 4 years of nonstop renewalNo medical test required up to 55 years of age if no medical history is there
Tata AIG - MediSenior Health Insurance61 and above2, 00,000 - 5, 00,00030 days and 60 days respectivelyCovered after 4 years of continuous renewalRequired and reimbursed only 50% and that even after proposal acceptance