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Rs. 2000 fine or/and 3 months in jail for driving without insurance. Buy Now or Renew CAR or BIKE Insurance Today.

Motor Insurance Policy : Compare Now Motor Vehicle Insurance Plans

Motor Insurance


Under the provisions of Auto Vehicles Act all the vehicles, which are operating in public places should have a motor insurance policy at least to cover third party liability as specified under the Act. It means that the motor insurance must cover the third party in case of any accident. It may or may not cover the damages of the owner of the motor.

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Best motor insurance policy offers you the much needed third party liability. Purchasing a new car is a matter of huge happiness; it’s certainly a time that calls for a festivity. However, the buyer is busy on planning for the long drives; it’s significant that one also defend your automobile. Constant repairs and cautious driving make sure for easy driving. Possibly, it would not decrease the expected risks of theft, accident and even natural calamities.

According to the compulsion of the law, it’s essential to find a Motor Third-Party Insurance Policy; though, it is equally significant to consider the disturbing rise in the lots of road accidents as well as natural calamities which turns it a requirement to have a Motor Insurance cover.Best motor insurance policy becomes the need of the hour because with the changing cost of labour as well as the spare pieces, even a small repair can charge you a high nowadays. The expenditure of the small accidental or other damages are borne with easily by the insurance company.

To handle the unforeseen expenses and take pleasure in a convenient diving experience, select the Best motor insurance services It not just assists in covering unexpected expenditures but even gives an overall security cover for theft, accidents, and burglary among others. Availability of the right options of motor insurance, offers a wide collection of policies to select from.

Now, one can now immediately by an’s motor insurance policy online in order to take various advantage of scheming best and select the plan of insurance that would right match the vehicle type.

We mainly offer three sorts of Motor Insurance Policies:


  • Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Two Wheeler Long Term Insurance
  • Private Car Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

Private Car Insurance

Find the best cover for the private car for defending next to third-party responsibility, accidents and harms to the car happened due to different factors which include fire, strikes even the natural calamities among others.

Two-wheeler Insurance

Providing you wide-ranging coverage as well as full accountability, the motor insurance strategy has been particularly planned to maintain the two-wheeler safe against harm happened by normal and others problems which include strikes, terrorist attacks, and theft among others.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Are you business associates who own commercial vehicle? Do you wish to keep yourself on the safe side? If yes, the motor insurance policy rightly defends the fiscal liabilities. It is helpful for the position of the profitable vehicle harmed and to make sure that your trade works on perfectly.

Why choose’s Motor Insurance?


  • We promise to provide immediate support for claims
  • Online services for application submission and approval
  • Receive the estimated claim endorsement in just 24 hours, once the car reaching the garage
  • Despite the location, you can find the car covered directly quickly
  • 24*7 Customer Care Support assistance for everyone
  • We offer 24 hours assistance for ease and a comfortable experience. Just dial the toll-free phone number or even an electronic mail
  • Our services are really appreciated by Millions of people
  • More than lakhs happy customers, we are working as a renowned brand for taking care of your insurance requirements.
  • Transparent and Fair claim agreement policies
  • The Motor Insurance claims are settled with great transparency.

1. What gets covered?

Buy car insurance policy and Count up the damage to the car happened due to

  1. The accident happened by outer means
  2. Housebreaking, Burglary, or theft
  3. Fire, lighting, explosion, self-ignition
  4. Riots, strike, terrorism, or even malicious act
  5. Rail, inland waterway, Transit by road, lift
  6. flood, storm, Earthquake, rock-slide, landslide

2. Personal Accident Cover

This accident covers the costs rising at the time of medical treatment of the driver. Though, you can select to cover the occupants by settling the extra premium

3. Third Party Legal Liability

  1. Accidental injury or death to any third party
  2. Any harm to property that controlled by the third party

How do I file a claim?

We endeavour to create the claim process as flat and simple. As the customer, one can easily follow up two special modes of claim hint.

How to find policy number and check policy?

If the payment is successfully settled, you will get SMS sharing the policy number. It is easy to check the copy of the policy for the similar point.

Premium/ Cost – How do one estimate premium?


The premium varies upon the different factors

  • IDV – it is also titled as Insured declared value or even the amount offered with the policy. The conditions are dependent on the company’s mentioned selling cost and get depreciated year after year in order to calculate all the expenses of the vehicle. IDV of the automobile on the rule is quite essential since this cash money needs to pay by the business if some of the sort theft or complete loss subject to valid to surplus or deductibles according to the terms & conditions of the policy.
  • Year of Manufacturing – Despite being utilised to estimate the IDV, it might also be used to settle on the discounting as well as the append rates in the best estimate
  • The capacity of the Engine – the ability of the engine might find out the – premium particularly Third Party, in order to cover up of the policy. Moreover, there are numerous slabs of engine aptitude and rates of the premium go higher as the ability of the engine boosts.
  • Best motor insurance services offer you a wide range of services that chose you by default. Choose policy 21st’s and buy car insurance online to stay safe and secured. You motor too has a life. Secure it with motor insurance at policy21st.



Key benefits associated when buying a Motor Insurance:


Safe on Legal Ground

One of the prime benefits of buying a motor insurance is the legal protection. You never have to face a third party liability that may arise due to any damage to the other vehicle. Instead, your motor insurance will pay for it.

Ease of Vehicle Repairs

Your insurance policy will also pay for repairs that may be costly on your pocket. You can go to a network garage to get a cashless service and also avail reimbursement facility when getting repairs with a non-network garage.

Covers Damage Costs

A motor insurance provides cover against the costs that arise due to a third party liability. You can also get Own Damage (OD) cover under a comprehensive motor insurance cover.

Cost Effective

With the increasing usage of internet access, you may buy new or renew your motor insurance policy from any corner of the world. You may buy a motor insurance policy at just a few clicks. Assess the benefits by comparing online and buy an insurance plan online as per your need. You can also avail additional discounts by buying online..

No Claim Bonus

If you have not made any claim during a policy period, you are entitled to receive the NCB benefit. You can redeem this NCB benefit on the next policy renewal. Your insurer will lower down the premium amount for your policy, hence saving your money on premium payment. It’s better to accumulate NCB for some couple of years, and then claim for it.

Is there any Add on Cover/Rider with Motor Insurance ?


Riders in motor insurance are optional add-ons that enhance the insurance coverage. It provides vehicle owners with the additional and valuable advantages.

Engine Coverage Rider

If your vehicle’s engine is damaged due to water stalling, leakage of oil, etc., your insurance company covers the engine repair if you choose this rider

Zero Depreciation Cover

In a vehicle accident claim, your insurer will deduct a depreciated value for the specified damaged parts and the claim amount you receive is not just enough to cover the financial loss. With this rider, your insurer will not deduct any amount toward depreciation count while settling claims.

Medical Expenses Rider

In the case of medical emergencies, this rider pays for the ambulance charges and medical expenses that are incurred after the accident.

Personal Accident Rider

Many motor insurance policies provide the policyholder with this rider. It provides coverage against personal accidents, accidental death, and temporary and permanent partial/total disability for the driver and other occupants.

Note The riders specified above may vary from insurer to insurer. Choose the riders to make your journey safe and enjoyable.