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Two Wheeler Insurance Policy


A two wheeler insurance policy is a policy that covers a two wheeler- motorbike, scooty etc and its owner from any unforeseen even such as damages due to accidents, theft or natural calamities etc. Everybody loves his/her vehicle as much as one would love his child and thus any damage caused to the vehicle is a source of stress and worry both emotionally and spiritually. Thus a two wheeler insurance policy assist you in bearing the cost that happens due to any damages that occurred due to any third party action, theft, or any other damages because of any other reasons.
Your two wheeler no matter used for personal or commercial purposes gets covered with this policy.

Benefits Of The Two Wheeler Insurance


  • Easy transfer of no claim bonus
  • Quick policy
  • Comprehensive and liability only coverage
  • Discounts
  • Property damage and physical injury coverage in the surroundings

Types of two wheeler insurance


There are two kinds of two wheeler insurance- comprehensive cover and the third party liability.

Comprehensive Cover

It provides the four way insurance to the bike owner as it protects both the owner and the vehicle from the damages.

It provides personal accidental cover: This covers any injuries that result from any personal accidents resulting in permanent or temporary disability or even death. It also provides the benefit of adding the co passenger for the insurance.

Third party liability: You get the cover against the third party liability that is against any accident or damage caused due to the third party involvement.

Covers the losses due to damages to the vehicle: It covers the damages due to any natural or man made disaster. Whatever be the reason, this covers your vehicle fully and gives you back a completely shiny vehicle with no traces of damages on the vehicle.

Bodily injuries and death: It covers you against any bodily injury or death that might occur due to any accident. You get the hospitalisation covered, also if there is any partial or permanent disability or dies functioning of limbs etc.

Liability only policy

You get the insurance against the damages caused by the third party, or any damages caused to the third party or in the surroundings. Also this insurance has been made compulsory by the Motor act 1991, thus any vehicle plying on the Indian roads must have this third party liability insurance cover.

What all does a two wheeler insurance cover?


Natural events: This means that the certain damages covered by certain natural events do get covered. Damages caused by the events such as self ignition, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricane, storms, cyclones hailstorms, tempests, tycoons etc.

Man made events: Events such as accidents, theft, burglaries, riots, strikes, in transit damages etc come under the category of man-made events which are also covered by the two wheeler insurance policy.

Personal accident coverage: The two wheeler insurance covers the personal accidents that might arise due to carelessness on your part which might result in disability, or loss of limb or even death.

Third party cover: This comes handy with each insurance policy as it is made mandatory by the law.

Exclusions under the third party liability


  • Damages caused by normal wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Depreciation or any loss due regular use
  • Loss from mechanical and electrical damage
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle by the person driving without any valid driving license
  • Loss or damages caused because the driver was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

With these things that you get with the two wheeler policy, it is not only a choice but a compulsion to buy this policy which takes care of your pride as much as you do.