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Top 10 Best Medical Health Insurance Policy Plan In India

Top 10 Best Medical Health Insurance Policy


Out of so many insurances that are available, health insurance is becoming a must have. The medical inflation rate is growing in double digits every few years, and thus any medical emergency can lead to a heavy burden on your pocket.

There are several advantages that you get with policy 21st best medical health insurance policy.

  • Tax benefit: Claim tax deduction on the health insurance policy premium under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Cashless facility: avail the cashless facility at the network hospitals during any health related emergency that might occur any time.
  • Get your day care medical check ups
  • The expenditure for the organ donor also gets covered with this plan.
  • You can compare with different insurance companies all over the nation
  • Calculate your health premium instantly, with the help of a calculator
  • Settle on the best plan for yourself among the numerous available

Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses

It covers medical expenses that occur due to illness for 30 days before the insured person was hospitalised. The days of pre-hospitalisation included under the plan may vary from one insurer to another.

Post-Hospitalisation Expenses

It covers medical expenses that occur due to illness for 60 days after the insured person was discharged. The days of post-hospitalisation included under the plan may vary from one insurer to another.

Emergency Ambulance Benefit

Some insurers cover the ambulance charges for transferring the insured from home to hospital. The coverage amount of ambulance charges depends on the policy terms.

Free Health Check-up

You can avail the benefit of free health check-up under your health. It includes a comprehensive health check-up for members covered under the plan. Some insurers offer health check-ups on renewal, and some provide this benefit of free health check-up upon claim-free years.

Best medical health insurance policy secures your health from all sides so that nothing at all can bother your finances and emotions.

The reasons that you should invest in best medical health insurance policy are:

  • Health issues can suddenly arise and catch you off guard.
  • A health insurance plan will take care of most of the expenses associated with treatment and lighten the financial burden.
  • Cashless facility offered by all insurers can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses. The patient can focus on recovering and be at peace knowing that the finances are taken care of.
  • The financial burden will not fall on the family of the insured person.
  • Insurance companies provides added benefits such as emergency assistance, ambulance cover, critical illness cover, hospital cash and so on.

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