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Top 10 Health Insurance Policy Plans In India - Policy21st

Top 10 Health Insurance Policy Plans In India


An individual’s health is the most fragile thing that one has. Any change in weather, climate and change in diet or anything small or big can cause serious health related issues. These health related issues, even the most tiny of them can cause a lot on your pocket, given the high medical inflation rate that keeps on growing.

Thus apart from trying to keep ourselves healthy, we should buy the best health insurance policy in India, that will have our back at the time of any health related emergency.

There are several advantages and benefits that you get with best health insurance policy in India such as:

  • Cashless treatment: best health insurance policy in India offers you cashless treatment in all the network hospital s covered under your policy.
  • Hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalisation: your policy covers all the expenses of hospitalisation such as medical bills, cost of the medicines, room rent, expenses of tests etc.
  • No claim bonus: No claim bonus or NCB refers to the amount that you will receive from insurer for every claim less year. It motivates a lot of policyholders to not file any petty medical claims. You should keep in mind that NCB comes as a discount on the payable premium at the time of renewing policy or whenever you want to increase the sum assured amount. At the time of renewal you must check that you are getting your no claim bonus or not.
  • Free Health Check-up: You can avail the benefit of free health check-up under your health. It includes a comprehensive health check-up for members covered under the plan. Some insurers offer health check-ups on renewal, and some provide this benefit of free health check-up upon claim-free years.
  • Day Care Procedures: Some medical surgeries require hospitalisation for less than 24 hours. Several insurers also pay for such events where you are not hospitalised for 24 hours rather admitted for few hour basis the treatment or surgery.

With all these services that you get, best health insurance policy in India gives an all round protection and it is a must have for all the people.

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